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Tree Week

The 3rd to the 9th of March is national tree week. It’s a good reminder to us all to pay more attention to the trees around us and maybe take the opportunity to plant some trees that can be enjoyed by future generations. We’d suggest that you go for native trees as they’re adapted to our Irish climate and provide a timely source of habitat, shelter, shade and food as the seasons progress through the year.

This week at An Gáirdín we are planting a native hedge of holly, juniper and native privet. The old hedge went the way of many others during the hard frosts of the last few years. Our native varieties will be better suited to surviving bitter winter months, and will also provide a habitat for birds and mammals that a laurel hedge would not. We’ll also be planting sessile oak, alder buckthorn, purging buckthorn, wild/bird cherry and downy and silver birch.

Have a look at the Tree Council of Ireland’s resource-rich website here, especially recommended given the week that’s in it:

Conservation Volunteers Galway at An Gáirdín


On Saturday February 27 a band of merry conservation volunteers from Conservation Volunteers Galway (CVG) hooked up with An Gairdin to help tidy up the dedication grove.
It was a beautiful still sunny morning. The work involved was perfect to keep the workers happy and warm.
A variety of native trees were gradually unveiled under the sun by some expert and gentle raking and stomping. Alder, mountain ash, oak and holly trees were consequently given more space to grow and to be identified. After clearing the surrounding grass biodegradable cardboard pieces were cut up and placed around the base of the trees to promote optimal growth of the young whips.
The group which had members from Germany, France, Japan and Italy thoroughly enjoyed the work, company, banter and perhaps most of all a hearty meal from Anne back in An Garidin. The many-hands-light-work effect warmed hearts and made for a satisfying day’s work.
For more information on CVGs work check out the following site and facebook page:
Conservation Volunteers Facebook Page