Autumn is Here!

DSC05238Surely the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us! This morning’s webs hammocking along the hedges in the blue mists cast something of a magic spell. Who has been around during our sleeping time, nipped the walnut off the tree, to leave it half-eaten on the path beneath?  Was it you  Mr/Mrs. Squirrel, whom Joe spiedHarvesting 039 scampering up the hazel tree yesterday morning?

And what butterflies, bees, wasps and variety of insects voraciously feeding – as if all are
foreboding a harsh winter.

Pat, in passing yesterday evening, stood and counted the butterflies – seven small Tortoise Shells and one Red Admiral on one clump of sedem, and probably as many more on the other clumps around.

Yesterday, too, Angie met green froggie as she was doing some Autumn clearing of the long grass. A reminder to us to be sparing POBOEBIO 025about our Autumn tidying. Our urge/addiction to tidying is often the destruction of habitats. Last year we didn’t need to put out a bird feeder (anyway, how appropriate is it to be feeding food from other climates to our birds?). We leave the seed heads on all of the plants and flowers, Aquileqia, Evening Primrose, Teasel and of course we leave the Ivy. At this time too, we have all the nativeInsectsetc 052 berries and they can last well into the winter months.

And what about the leaves?



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