Climate Change Talk – Loughrea Library

If you missed our recent climate change talk given by John Cleary, you can catch it at Loughrea library on Thursday 22nd March at 7pm:

The presentation looks at the carbon cycle in relation to resource use, bringing examples of how society has shifted to using fossil fuel as its primary energy source over the past centuries.  This has led to the current build up of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We look briefly at some of the scientific history of climate change, from John Tyndall to the Keeling curve, and take in carbon isotopes, climate models, and the question of attribution along the way. Climate change is considered in the context of the broader ecological crisis currently facing the planet, and the competing demands of economic growth and ecological limits. Finally, it takes a look at the idea of a carbon budget and assesses the state of play 2 years after the historic Paris Agreement.

Discussion and participation welcome.

Admission is free but places are limited. Starts 7 sharp.


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