COP 21 Paris 2015

The 2015 Paris Climate Conference -COP21- is taking place from the 30th of November to the 11th of December. More than 190 political leaders have agreed to take on the mammoth task of trying to come to a legally binding agreement to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celcius. All over the world at grassroots level, people are expressing their solidarity with our COP21 representatives.

We hope that the negotiators will be led by deep appreciation for the gift of Planet Earth with her immense biodiversity and astounding beauty.

We hope that they will be gifted with deep compassion.

We hope too that they will have the wisdom and courage necessary to let go of short-term, more immediate unsustainable goals for a long-term sustainable vision for Planet Earth.

We trust that they will have the wisdom, knowledge and generosity that is required at this time.

Future generations of all life demand this. ‘All life’ – because all is precious and all is connected. Everything is interdependent.

To our negotiators in Paris we send the energy of support and good will from all life on the planet at this time and in the future, from Earth, Air, Soil, Water, Bacteria, Insects, Plants, Animals, Mammals and Humans – Everything that lives and breathes, our good wishes go to you.



See for more information on the conference.

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