Learn Permaculture in the Permagarden – May 14

On Monday the 14th, we are delighted to host a practical day-long course with Istvan to look at how permaculture principles and  practices can help in overcoming a wet garden.
With a landscaping practice based on the natural patterns of water flows, Istvan will focus our interest on structures such as swales and raised beds and show how transforming the very
structure of the land allows us to take advantage of the abundance of water to serve the
purpose of bringing more fertility to the garden.

A full description of the day here, and more about Permaculture Resource Ireland here.

Booking: Contact angairdin1@gmail.com or call 087 2845443.

Istvan Markuly –  Lead Facilitator Local community developer who is working on establishing and growing the permaculture network in West Cork, Ireland and initiating Permaculture Waves across the country! He has taken PDC’s and Permaculture workshop internationally and continues to grow his knowledge. He’s co founder of Earth Environmental Education. He provides easy understanding through the principles of permaculture which might make people feel motivated, zestful and dynamic.