Migrating Trees

There has been a lot of attention focused on the role of climate change and increasing occurrences of severe weather events being contributing factors in human migration and conflict over the last decade and more.  Sea-level rise, extended droughts, and severe flooding events are just some of the symptoms that humans seek to move away from in attempts to safeguard families, cultures, and livelihoods.

Plants that have adapted to specific conditions in various regions are also finding themselves less able to thrive in changed climatic patterns but are without the locomotive capabilities of humans. ‘Assisted migration’ is an interesting response, but obviously comes with risks attached and is somewhat counter-intuitive given the strong rationale for planting natives that has informed much tree-planting in recent years. Perhaps it’s time to move past a strict line on this and increase the diversity of our tree species with an eye to the future?

What are your thoughts?

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