Monastic Ireland – A Gift of the Nile

Alf Monaghan will be back with us for a follow-up talk on the 1st of December, 10am-2.30pm.

Alf’s illustrated talk looks at the history of early Irish Christianity from a different perspective – a Mediterranean perspective. It provides a tantalizing glimpse under the veil of history. It asks many questions and confounds some of the accepted theories about the history of early Christianity in Ireland. It traces links with ancient Egypt, connects Irish monasticism with the Desert Fathers and the early Irish Church with the Egyptian Coptic Church. Recent Irish discoveries such as the Faddan More Psalter – Egyptian papyrus found in an ancient book of psalms from a Tipperary bog – are clues pointing to a more substantial Eastern Mediterranean influence in early Irish Christianity, than has been acknowledged to date

Booking, before Thursday 29 November, at 087 2845443 or angairdin1’at’

Download the event flyer: MonasticIrelandPoster

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