National Tree Week, 8 – 15 March

Each year we look forward to Tree Week and we always have some native trees and hedgerows lined up for planting.

Last year’s native hedgerow planted by 4th class from the local primary school is thriving. This year we will be planting another hedgerow and some trees.

We love our native trees and hedgerows and plant them for their own sakes but we are also keenly aware of the amount of wildlife they support – varieties of birds, of bees, of butterflies, myriads of insects, mammals, lichens, mosses, liverworts and ground vegetation-wild flowers. Our native trees are so beautiful and so rich in flowers and berries.

We are reminded of John McGahern’s observation that in the midst of confident life we forget what an amazing glory we are part of. In his book Memoir he describes the place in which he grew up:

The hedges are the glory of these fields, especially when the hawthorn foams into streams of blossom each may and June. The sally is the first tree to green and the first to wither, and the rowan berries are an astonishing orange in the light from the lakes every September. These hedges are full of mice and insects and small birds, and sparrowhawks can be seen hunting all through the day. In their branches the wild woodbine and dog rose give off a deep fragrance in summer evenings, and on their banks grow the foxglove, the wild strawberry, primrose and fern and vetch among the crawling briars….

Open Planting Day

We will have an open planting day on Wednesday 8th March. Let us know if you are coming. We do a mixture of native plants for the hedgerows – predominantly Whitethorn and Blackthorn, as they form a dense hedge. We add Holly, Guelder Rose, Spindle, Alder, Wild Rose, Hazel, Alder buckthorn and Purging buckthorn. This year we are also planting some trees – Birch, Alder, Rowan, Willow, Hazel and Bird Cherry.

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