Nature Warriors – Were Early Irish Monks Ahead of Their Time?

With Alf Monaghan – Saturday 9th November, 10am – 1pm

Alf’s illustrated talk looks at how early Irish Christian spirituality was deeply nature-centric.

He illustrates how the unification of all Europe, as well as its cultural, moral and spiritual renewal, was started by wandering Irish in a continent devastated and decadent after the fall of the Roman Empire.


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More details:

As a follow-up to Alf’s very inspiring and popular talks last year, he is coming again with a refreshing and evocative subject.  He will introduce us to early Irish Christian spirituality, which was deeply nature-centric due to the influence of Egyptian monasticism.  It asserted the goodness of all creation. Like the Egyptians, Irish monks embraced a spirit of adventure and took to ‘wandering’ over land and sea for communion with nature and its creator.  Following the fall of the Roman Empire, they arrived in a Europe devastated by the lack of moral values, barbaric invasions, and famine. A wave of moral and cultural renewal, and of spiritual and civic re-unification, began with the arrival of the Irish monks.  

Alf has spent most of his life abroad as an economic advisor in Northern Europe, Central America, the Mediterranean, and Africa. His time in Syria and Egypt, in particular, sparked off a deeper interest in early Christianity and the influence of the Eastern Mediterranean, much of which is now lost or forgotten. 

We may be left with some musings about  parallels with the Europe of today and what Brexit is saying in this context.