Plastic waste – What can we do?

Saturday Morning, 10th March, 10am – 1pm

Cost €5

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Although plastic products have provided us with many benefits over the last 50 years, plastic pollution has become a common sight in our environment. This is particularly so in the world’s oceans, coastlines and inland waterways. In addition, small fragments that arise from the breakdown of plastics in the environment have the potential to become incorporated into habitats and animal food chains, as have microbeads and fibres from domestic wastewater. We are already seeing the environmental impacts.

With the world’s production of plastic set to increase over the coming decades, remedial action related to the production and management of plastics is urgently needed.

Dr Anne Marie Mahon is a researcher at GMIT, Galway and is currently working on the topic of microplastics pollution. More specifically, she is determining the pathways of microplastics within the environment – from their sources to destinations in rivers and along food chains. The search for real interventions is the driving force behind Anne Marie’s research.

The workshop will include an introduction to microplastics and group discussion of potential actions we can take to reduce the impact of microplastics in our environment.