Spring Equinox

We can visualise the beginning of Spring as being like the outline of a picture in a children’s colouring book, waiting for the child’s imagination to fill it in with colour. During the winter months nature has been drawing the outline of the picture and from Imbolc (St. Brigid’s Day) to the Autumn Equinox she is filling in the details and colours. Each day brings a variety of hues and colours in flowers, trees, insects, mammals and birds. Unlike the paper picture outline which is limited to the visual we also have the added cinematic and sound dimensions!

A lot of us during lockdown have become more aware of the natural world around us. In that way maybe we are becoming more like our ancestors who were very close to nature and deeply connected and intimate with nature. Because they were so connected it seemed natural to them to take time out to celebrate the peak times of the yearly seasonal cycle. Spring time was one of these peak moments, a time of great hope. From the Winter Solstice onward they were taking stock of the sun as each day it travelled higher and higher in the sky until it reached the point of balance of equal day and night – Spring Equinox.

See Gerry Davis’s poem below. They stopped and celebrated this time of renewal, growth, light,
balance and colour. They were deeply aware of how dependent they were on the sun so their celebrations were basically solar rituals and fire was always at the centre of their celebrations. They were aware that their lives and all life depended on the dance of sun,
soil, water and air.
The question!! When will we as communities and cultures spontaneously burst into such ritual celebrations of nature ?

Night and day is one.
The same darkness
The same light,
The same length time
in the two.
And as they fade into
each other
They give us Sun rise,
Sun set,
These two opposites
Work together to give us the
Perhaps it is a lesson
For us all to look at….. 

-Gerry Davis