Willow Weaving with Barry Noyce - 1 of 2

Using locally grown willow you will be guided through the selection of materials, starting, weaving and finishing off the support. Your finished support will be approximately 5’ in height.

These supports can be used in the springtime to grow climbing plants upwards or in the wintertime, strung with lights, as a feature. Participants will complete at least one support and if able, could complete an additional support if time allows.

Cost for the day is 65 euros and this includes 10 euros for prepared materials.

To book, call us on 087 2845443 or contact us using the contact form.

This is the first of 2 willow weaving days with Barry - the second is on Saturday, 14th October. Details here.

Yes, willow weaving is a wholesome and meditative process. I love growing the stuff too as it shows such strength and vigour as it re-grows every year. ~ Barry Noyce