Occasional posts:

  • Mural

    Recently at An Gáirdín we had a delightful ceremony for the unveiling of a mural of The Story of the Universe.

  • Brigid, Rushes, and World Wetlands Day

    Yesterday we celebrated Brigid. Today we celebrate World Wetlands Day.

  • Petrol Free

    Here at An Gáirdín we arrived at the stage where we no longer felt at ease with our machines – lawn-mowers, strimmers and hedge cutters.

  • Spoonfuls of Sustainability

    Our Saturday morning courses entitled A Spoonful of Sustainability was our first venture back after our Covid withdrawal from organising face to face events.

  • Lost Treasures

    Once upon a time, but not too long ago, from early Spring through to late Autumn our headlands, laneways, roadsides, woodlands, wetlands, bogs and hay meadows were great colourful scenes of diverse flowers.