Brigid, Rushes, and World Wetlands Day

Yesterday we celebrated Brigid. Today we celebrate World Wetlands Day. Is there a connection? Brigid is the great protector of the Land.

We associate Brigid with rushes and rushes are found on wet land. We obviously haven’t consulted Brigid about wetlands, reputedly the most effective carbon sequesters of the planet, 1/3 of which we have destroyed.

Don’t we wonder why we destroy the existing natural carbon sequesters and then at great cost, on many levels, try to substitute with our invented methods. We don’t always do it better than nature!!

We have maligned the poor rush. Is it because we associate it with poor non-fertile land? Why are people finding it more difficult to find rushes to weave the traditional Brigid’s cross?

Brigid’s Cross

Brigid’s Cross